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Each shoe has a value, be it historical or emotional or in some cases even of a certain economic importance. Unfortunately factors such as time, conditions of use and wear lead to the deterioration of the shoe.

For those who have not resisted the desire to dress and show off a limited edition sneaker and have stumbled upon these factors, we at plush lab provide a shoe restoration service aimed at restoring luster to the shoe.



“Life isn’t perfect, but your shoes can be.”

Plush lab bases its philosophy on this mantra, which is why we guarantee an effective, meticulous and quick cleaning and sanitation service.

In addition to our line of products for the shoe’s cleaning (and not only) tested, for cases that require more thorough care, we use more specialized tools.

For each type of leather and surface specific products and treatments are used, such as natural creams for beeswax-based leathers, retanning sprays for suede, and for maintaining the softness of the fabric.

Waterproofing, for a deeper protection, tested professional product that protects up to 6 months of use, oil-repellent and water-repellent.

Plush lab also offers the “Ozone sanitization” service, an innovative 100% ecological and effective process capable of reducing the microbial load present on the surfaces and eliminating 99% of bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts, pollens and mites.

Plush lab- Shampo

Plush lab - Foam

Plush lab - Protector



Inspired by underground, streetwear and pop culture, we create unique and customized tailored sneakers and accessories based on existing models.

From design to construction, the shoe is made using top quality leathers, fabrics and accessories.

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